Driving your way to Success: All you need to conquer your driving tests

Getting a Canadian Driver’s License is an important step for most immigrants because it provides an additional form of government issued personal identification and brings you one step closer to buying a vehicle. For many people, a vehicle symbolizes a source of freedom, new job opportunities and independence. If you are not yet in Canada, and already have a license from your home country, there are a few things you should do to make your transition to driving in Canada easier.

Source: https://www.ontario.ca/page/renew-drivers-licence

1) Research the laws and rules governing driving in Canada. This might vary according to Province and may include simple information such as, on which side of the road are you expected to drive.

2) Request an international driver’s license from your local issuing body. This will permit you to drive in Canada upon arrival for a specific period of time.

3) Request a driver’s abstract from the relevant local governmental department such as the Transportation Ministry. This is a document that details your driving history and years of experience. This will be useful in Canada because you can get points for this experience and improve your standing when applying for your license.

When in Canada, make an appointment online at Drive Test https://drivetest.ca/find-a-drive-test-centre/alphabetical_list.html. Ensure you select your preferred city at which you will take your written and road tests. Some cities are more populated than others. When selecting the city be sure to consider if you are more comfortable driving in more congested areas or less congested areas and the distance of the drive test centre from your home.

Ensure you select your preferred city at which you will take your written and road tests.

In Canada, getting a driver’s license can be a lengthy process. There are three stages with different requirements and allowances. These are:

  • G1 (issued after a successful written test) drivers may drive only with a fully licensed driver
  • G2 (issued after a successful initial road test) drivers may drive alone but with restrictions
  • G (a general license issued after an additional road test) drivers may drive without the restrictions of the previous stage

Learn more about these here https://drivetest.ca/tests/road-tests-cars.html

With a drivers abstract, you will be able to book a G license road test, after your written test, without doing a G2 driving test. This saves time.

Tips for a successful drive test experience:

  1. Study for the written test online, using past test questions and other knowledge-based resources. Do timed practice tests and score yourself to evaluate your performance and improvement.
  2. Book each test long in advance so that you will have enough time to study and practice for the written and road tests respectively.
  3. Forget about the rules that governed your driving prior to living in Canada. Only memorize the ones that apply here.
  4. Search for simulated driving tests online to familiarize yourself with the examination routes
  5. Get an instructor to reinforce the rules in a practical way. Three lessons are sufficient.

3 thoughts on “Driving your way to Success: All you need to conquer your driving tests”

  1. This is the kind of information I wish I had when I arrived. I learned after I got my G1 license that I could actually cut down the amount of time it would take me to get my full G license if I had brought my permit from my country of origin. So thanks for putting this out for others.


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