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Hi There. If you are new to Canada, you will find some interesting stuff on this page. Happy reading!!

Managing your time when there is just not enough of it

 A new comer’s guide to successful time management Did you know that 87 per cent of students believe better time management skills would help them get better grades? It is a common misconception that multitasking is a time management skill but it is not. In fact, it reduces productivity by about 40 per cent, according…

Self Care Tips for New Immigrants

Feeling stressed out during your first few weeks in Canada? I am going to tell you something about yourself and your first reaction will be to think I am wrong. Here I go: YOU NEED THEARPY! Now what comes to mind when we think about therapy? We picture someone laying on a coach talking to…

Migrating to Canada in 5 steps

The Express Entry Pathway explained Do you want to migrate but think it is not possible to do so because you have no family members in Canada to assist? Having family here is great for support once you arrive and they can be helpful in helping prepare for the transition but you can actually apply…

To hire or not to hire a lawyer:

The immigrants’ dilemma Everybody who migrated to Canada will tell you the same thing – you do NOT need a lawyer or consultant to successfully complete all seven (7) steps of the immigration process. Many people do retain a lawyer because they are unfamiliar with the process and feel like do not have the requisite…


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